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O m a r   S o l h (IA-AIA, UIA, LOEA, B Arch M Arch)

Omar grew up in Lebanon and later relocated to Ontario and New York where he completed both his Undergraduate and Graduate studies in Architecture. 

International Project Development, Architectural Design and Site Supervision have been Omar's focus since graduating from Pratt Institute in 1993 as he has delivered aesthetic, practical architectural, renewable energy and project development solutions to his clients and particularly throughout Middle East and North America.

Omar's designs have been developed and delivered for clients in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Morocco, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, New York, New Jersey and Ontario.  SDW's corporate inception as a Limited Liability Company came to fruition in 2003 and has been active since in architectural design and project development opportunities. Recently, Omar began developing initial architectural and urban design concepts in Istanbul, Baku and Doha. Completed projects with former employers (to name a few) range from amusement parks in Tunisia and Morocco to high end residential designs, interior design & management of multi-use commercial development in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and pharmaceutical building and envelope design and production in East Hanover New Jersey.  KFF and Novartis alone constituted an estimated construction cost of well over $1 Billion US. 

As an architect, Omar has been involved in architectural academia  in Lebanon, New York, New Jersey and Ontario.  Special emphasis on evolution of theory and practice in a digital architectural environment and renewable energy lead Omar to continued ongoing independent academic research collaborations.  

SDW LLC (Solh  Design Workshop) Established initially in  2003, SDW  has been incorporated as Limited Liability Company  .  SDW is presently based in Princeton, New Jersey and  New York City. Currently, the firm has satellite operations in Beirut, Dubai and Toronto.   Our latest design of High Rise projects have been delivered in Abu Dhabi, Baku, Beirut, Doha, Dubai, Istanbul Riyadh, New Jersey, New York and Toronto and with over 100 schematic and detailed designs, SDW is a leading concept developer of High Rise Buildings with adaptive use of vertical public space and performance. 

We are celebrating our 25 years of Innovative Design solutions and more so today as our abilities have been increased through multiple modes of digital designs and presentations for our global clients.  Master Planning remains another discipline for which SDW recognized its importance and with design in almost every continent, Omar has delivered over 100 million sqm of master planning options and solutions to clients worldwide and in varied disciplines from residential, commercial, transportation, airports, enterprise zones and multi use.



























































GCES LLC (Global Clean Energy Solutions) As of May 2014, GCES is a registered Limited Liability Company incorporated in The State of New Jersey, USA.   GCES LLC  anchor research and development models for renewable energy technologies and creative designs for harnessing both solar and wind. GCES is a standalone business model for Omar and SDW's clients with particular emphasis on digital renewable energy case studies,  carbon, water and land mass footprint reduction along with sustainable use of renewable energy. GCES is aiming to adapt 101 products and services in renewable energy that are applicable to existing structures, habitats, landscape, kinetic objects, infrastructure and applied technologies.  Our design can be applied globally with  WindCone technologies and Photo Voltaic adaptive applications.  Our aim is to offer a 0 % carbon emissions habitats in both urban and suburban dwellings.  GCES and Aqua Dynamics   focus seawater desalination as part of a combination of filtration, wind, concentrated solar power and reverse osmosis applied to  sea vessels.  

NTID (Nova Terra International Development)  manages present (on going) and future (proposed) aspects of Property Development based on economic and development indicators with third party stakeholders to our international clients with a delivery path to meet their real estate needs from development and investing in existing properties to Real Estate Portfolio Management.  NTID  addresses and implements case studies with effective financial and business solutions.

NTID also manages all aspects of Project Management both during construction and interiors management with concentration on scheduling, submittal process, materials selection, detailing, bidding, project direction, quality assurance, quality management, strategic planning and contract negotiations.


Master of Architecture: Pratt Institute

School of Architecture - October 1993
Brooklyn New York USA

Bachelor of Architecture: Pratt Institute

School of Architecture - February 1991
Brooklyn New York USA


+Gensler  2001 - 2002 New York New York USA 

+Hillier Architecture 2000 – 2001 Princeton New Jersey USA

+KFF and Sir Norman Foster and Partners1996-1999 Riyadh Saudi Arabia

+Khatib and Alami 1995-1996 Riyadh + Khobar + Jeddah Saudi Arabia

+Omrania and Associates 1993-1994 Riyadh Saudi Arabia

+Solh Design Studio1991-1993 Brooklyn New York USA and Mississauga Ontario Canada

+Pratt Institute Campus Management 1990 - 1991 Brooklyn New York  USA

web: www  . omarsolh . com      +     email: omarsolh @ omarsolh  . com

Beirut - Lebanon: T   961-76-754767  

New York - USA:  T  1-917-806-0213