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SDW's designs for High Rise Buildings span three continents and over 15 cities.   New York City, Beirut, Dubai, Doha, Manama, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, and  Baku are a few of the urban fabrics where Omar's designs have been developed.  Our vision at SDW is to develop unique designs that reflect visual performance both visually and technically. We are constantly developing concepts to our clients based using state of the art digital methods of delivery. 




























We begin with schematics and programmatic analysis based on zoning regulations.  Once we have identified the Total Built Up Ratio, we begin to establish a series of Urban Simulations with approach, circulation and open space.  Sky High is about Visual  Motion, Kinetic Lights,  facade Reflections, Passion for Height and Dreams of  Vertical Suspension.



























Once we have identifiedd the Foot Print, we begin building our models digitally by providing our clients with findings and analysis of Skin (Curtain Walling and Cladding) and delineation of Elevations and Floor Plans. 

































At SDW, we are confident that each High Rise Building reflects not only our vision but a contribution to open space architecture that inhibits value added architecture to urban landscape. Omar truly advocated his passion to high rise buildings by providing his clients with multiple simulations for the same site and a comprehensive analysis of site economics, end user needs and circulation. 

























SDW also designs architectural retrofitting of existing buildings with emphasis on re-skinning the facade by allowing for Photo Voltaic panels and Wind Turbines to be applied in building set backs and facades.  We are confident that with proper technological advancements and applications in renewable energy.





























Our future building designs will become energy independent in any environment there is.  We identify  landscape as  part and parcel of our facades and interior space yet we realize site economics are equally as important.  We define urban streets as both suspended vertically and extended horizontally.  SDW is powered by  aesthetics, details, respect to the past and a poetic outlook to the future of cities and Sky High Buildings.   

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