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SDW and Omar are continuously engaged in Master Planning Design and Development.  The first issue at hand is Program and Economic Audit of proposed development and we submit  Findings and Analysis to our clients.  We layer our concept and designs based on fixed formulas such as massing, circulation, pedestrian, public services and overall concept evolution.  Once we have identified the key components such as Entry Point, we begin to Map and Layer our Macro design schematically on paper before we adapt 3 dimensional BIM technologies to visualize both plan and elevation of proposed  massing.  At a later juncture, we address landscaping and overall open space in relationship to private  use.  Once the key components have been identifies, SDW begins Micro design of individual structures with overall Built Up Areas. The end result is to provide a digital animation of proposed development along with a schematic analysis of construction both infrastructure (services) and buildings (end user). 
TTEMP (SDW  2011-Present with)  16 million sqm  proposed development in Northern Lebanon  + Amchit: (SDW 2006) 156.000 sqm coastal resort development in Lebanon  + Sukkara (K&A 1995) a  30.000 sqm Amusement Park in Tunisia   + Saida 2030 (SDW  2013-Present) Overall master planning of coastal lots in Saida, Lebanon  + Betater  (SDW  2007)  100.000 sqm master plan of a mountain community in Lebanon  + Workers Complex  (SDW  2007)  a series of concepts for Horizontal residential camps for construction labor Dubai, UAE  + Pennval (SDW  2009) 90 acre industrial zone in Woodbridge, NJ, USA  + Aghadir  (K&A 1995)  Amusement Park master plan in Morocco  + Abdul Latif Complex (O&A 1994  residential complex master planning in Jeddah, KSA   +  Inland Fisheries (O&A 1994)  research and housing facilities in Al-Kharj, KSA. 






























































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