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  • Nova Terra International Development (under formation) is a Property Auditor and Developer,  Investment Consulting  Property Development company (soon to be established in New York, USA and Abu Dhabi, UAE) . 
  • NTID offers comprehensive model for Real Estate Investment needs for Investors  based on multiple options of asset management, debt to equity ownership, partnership and full proprietorship of income yielding residential urban properties in North America.  Our simulations  begin with a Logic Algorithm whereas all data is collected on existing properties (Trophy and Distressed).  A comprehensive analysis is presented to potential stakeholders for equity partnership and ownership of specific business models through formation of Special Purpose Vehicles to address investment needs.  The SPV will be in the form of a Limited Liability  Company.   
  • Property Development is a financial audit vehicle so our stakeholders and partners can expect comprehensive research and implementation models for emerging markets based on variable business models with future forecast leading to real estate user concepts and development. Our present clients' interests vary from distressed urban properties along the North East Corridor in United States to a comprehensive acquisition of land and future development in Turkey to emerging markets in Middle East.


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