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Omar's architectural design activities continue to be anchored through SDW  LLC with articles of  incorporation as a Limited Liability Company in New Jersey and New York, USA along with  satellite operations on project to project basis in respective international markets. 
Based on early project analysis, SDW  provides its clients with focused design vision based on extensive site delineation and design analysis.  Every project undergoes a unique analysis with emphasis on aesthetic and design discipline.
We are driven by intelligent and efficient digital delivery vehicles along with flexible, responsible and complex problem solving with state of the art dynamic solutions. At SDW, we address architectural vehicles of implementation with  versatile progression and effective aesthetic solutions.
At SDW, we adopt versatile visions and solutions in our design methodology both at Micro and Macro scale.  An interiors project with specialty detailing is allocated equal quality control as a 4 million sqm digital master plan. 
Every solution and product at SDW begins with a process and a gradual continuation of design concepts and alterations based on programmatic diagrams. SDW defines its partial implementation concept development phase by phase.
We aspire for change  as part of comprehensive design delivery methods as well as technical implementation. We view challenge as a prerequisite for unique architectural designs and compressive technical solutions. 





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